The Noodle Marvel Pt 1

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Jane put a comment on this post yesterday, and suggested using random words to dictate the direction of a story.  I decided to do this by first rolling one of the Haikubes that gives a theme, and also five word-kubes to try and assemble a title:

Haikubes rolled on purple checked material

Theme: ‘A Desire For’ Kubes: the, noodle, not so, marvel, went.


I then thought I would roll 5 kubes to start the story off, write for 20 minutes using what I’d rolled, and pick up with some Haikubes tomorrow to continue the story 😉

So my first roll had provided a theme of ‘a desire for’ with a title of The Noodle Marvel and I had thought all about food and China (and Kung Fu Panda)…then I was gifted the roll below (I re-rolled any blanks til I got words) and was suddenly heading in a different direction…!

Second Haikubes roll


Words I rolled: Left   I   Swimming    Baby    For


Then I left.

Scrambling up the stairs to the gallery to watch her, I was wondering whether a swan-dive from there would just crack my head on the tiles, or actually see me slicing through the water, on my heroic way to save my child’s life…

I’d been lugging her to those swimming baths since she was a baby, but for some reason Myla had not taken to it very well.

The look of panic that came over her wee face if I even SUGGESTED ditching the arm bands was almost comical, but the almighty tantrum that ensued the first time I tried to gently remove them in the water…?  Not so funny.

Myla had always had a strong will, and a great work ethic when it came to things she was interested in; but swimming seemed to be a complete road-block for her.  I’d even had a few people suggest to me that she’d had a bad experience with water in a past life, and that I should get her ‘regressed’ at some practitioner in town.  A more helpful suggestion came from Sarah, whose daughter had just started at this swimming class, and we hoped Myla’s competitive streak might be engaged.

I could see Sarah waving to me as I rounded the stairs to the gallery.  She looked happy and calm.  “I saved you a seat!” she trilled from the middle row “I love Myla’s swimsuit, and you’ve plaited her hair so nicely.  You’ll have to teach me how to do that!”

I tried to look like I was happy to have a conversation like a normal person, but gave it up in a nanosecond, gripping the rail and almost launching myself over it [for real] in an attempt to spot my girl.

Myla was looking up with a mournful expression on her beautiful face.  As soon as she saw me, her bottom lip started to jut out and I could see the anger rising.

I said a little prayer, then, that the whole line of 3 and 4 year olds wouldn’t suddenly be prematurely dunked by my upset little whirlwind…


So there we go: a 350-word start to our little tale!  Come back tomorrow and we’ll see what way the Haikubes decide the story should progress 😉


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