The Love Factor

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Hey-lo 🙂

So is back!  Woohoo!

What I did with today’s words is less a poem than a mish-mash of all the motivational videos I have been watching lately, and stuff I have read in the past…but I included them all 😉








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Love is the thing that gets us through,

One must know this is a powerful factor

In any success.


You have to love yourself enough

To care where you’re heading;

You have to conduct

Every investigation possible

Kamal Ravikant’s book is worth a read – quick and simple, but makes you think!

To find how best to grasp your dreams.


Somewhere, there has to be a huge vat

Of bubbling self-esteem.


Even if it was beaten out of you

In some distant classroom –

You’ve got to get it back.


Who’s gonna love you?!

YOU’VE gotta love you!!


Every economist, salesperson, businessman,

Parent, teacher and entrepreneur knows:

You need a deep-seated passion

To succeed in this world.


LOVE, my friend!


Love you,

Love those around you –

Know that any hiccup

Can be overcome.


Love yourself like your life depends on it.

Because it ultimately does.




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