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Today’s selection of words had me nodding from the start, as ‘trap’ and ‘cook’ pretty much sum up how I feel about being asked to rustle up a meal.  My hubby is fab and makes the dinner most nights, as he doesn’t end up in a horrid mood trying to juggle the timings!  I cook the kids’ simple meals three to four times a week, around school/nursery when hubby is in the office; so I can keep us alive, I’m just not properly wired to handle it every night!


I do enjoy baking, and don’t get any complaints about the results of my efforts; but I have to be in that frame of mind where only messy, goopy, learning-and-creativity will do.  There is a lot of washing up generated, after all.  (The kids have to be involved, too, or it’s not as much fun!).

‘Birthday’ and ‘mess up’ (surely technically a phrase, Mr  Word Generator?!) together strike fear into my heart as well, because I’m always afraid the kiddy parties will be a complete flop!!  All those expectant eyes resting upon me, and a disappointed son to deal with if I do not meet his exact instructions – too much pressure!

I must say, the boys’ friends are usually well-behaved, and that the added drama in the poem is my licence as the author of it 😉

Oh, and we don’t have a dog.


Trap   Cook   Ticket   Extend   Birthday   Mess up   Disturbed   Far-flung   Things

That annual trap,

The kitchen: forced to cook

For an ungrateful little one

With his ticket up;

Bottom lip thrust

To extend past your last nerve.


His friends will all be the same

At the riotous birthday party:

Dogged in their attempts

To mess up all you’ve worked for

(The actual dog, beyond disturbed,

Cowering in some far-flung niche)


Most days it is, indeed,

All about the little things…


And don’t they know it!!

Our two both have their birthdays in the spring, eight days apart, and as they are four and seven soon, I am going to have to get a plan in place!  The big party I did for our six year old this year was generally seen as a joint party, although very few of our youngest’s friends were there.  People turned up with two sets of presents and I felt guilty as I had only advertised it as a six year old’s party! (There were a few sibling sets invited, however)

It can be such a minefield, our eldest still complains because he got puppets instead of a bouncy castle…

How do you feel about kids’ parties?  Do you love throwing them or dread them?  Discuss 😉


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