The Last Time

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Michelle kindly gave me another one of her fab phrases, which I have used at the start of today’s piece.

Thanks Michelle!


For the last time he would not let this heinous crime go unnoticed!  He crept along the rooftop, (scaring the old moth-eaten seagull that liked to perch there of an afternoon). The skylight was open and, with some daring acrobatics, he managed to glide down a nearby curtain and land on the soft carpet below.

Silence. Good …gulls on a rooftop

First he checked all the upstairs rooms, under beds and behind furniture. He tossed all the cushions he found onto the floor for good measure; lazed on the duvets a bit, making indents to show he’d visited.

Next it was a brief look down the staircase, a stop to listen for any trouble at the blind bend. It really had been surprisingly easy so far. There were muffled voices, but he guessed they were coming from behind the closed kitchen door, and he would probably not need to venture in there until he made his escape.

The hallway was dark, but Pilchard could see sunlight escaping from the room near the front of the house. That’s where the little thief would be, he felt sure of it.

Pilchard pushed the door open a little more with his right flank, praying that it didn’t creak. His adversary was indeed sunning himself by the window, engrossed in the delicate flutterings of a butterfly by the bushes.

Pilchard stole his chance. Claws outstretched he sprang from the back of the old comfy chair, hitting his nemesis full square in the back. He went down with hardly a whimper, but soon flashed back with bared teeth.

By the time the humans made an appearance, Pilchard and his foe were two bloodied balls, curled in opposite corners, snarling.

No-one would pilfer from Pilchard again…


I managed 274 words today 🙂 Did you like my wee cat burglar story?! If you would like me to use one of your phrases in next week’s work, feel free to leave a note of it on this Facebook post.

It is Jane’s turn tomorrow – I wonder what she has in store for me?

Be sure to come back and see! 😉


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