The Greenhouse Effect

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I went onto the internet as usual to generate my Jimpix words, and recoiled in horror: there was an error message informing me that the page may have been moved…or deleted!

The numerous times I had groaned and grumbled about the words it had given me, glared anxiously at the page and fumbled for connecting dots, while wondering why I do this to myself…it all flashed before my mournful inner eye…Jimpix was to be no more??!  Had I cursed it too much?  Did the generator not know I loved it the best (don’t tell Textfixer, Randomlists and RandomWordGenerator I said that though.  I don’t want all my buds leaving me!)??

I wrote a little wail to Jimpix on the contact page, then tapped around the site in desperation, hoping one of the other generators there might help me out a bit.  Thankfully one did, so I still got a selection to keep me on my toes a bit, but oooh.  I am very sad that the era of my proper Jimpix wranglings may be over!! 🙁


I’ve read that Virgos are supposed to like conventional things, knew roughly who Galileo was (and tried not to sing that excerpt from Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody…) but I hadn’t to my knowledge heard of a Ptarmigan before.  When I found out that it was a bird that could be found in mountainous regions, I smiled – because I then knew just how to tie it in with ‘sledge’…




Striped   Sledge   Virgo   Greenhouse   Abrasive   Galilean  Ptarmigan  Matter   Aspiring


Our striped sledge

Hurtled from the shed,

Propelled by wild abandon;

Sent to rock my Virgo soul.

The crazed descent

Was thwarted by our greenhouse,

Poor little cheeks marred

By our abrasive planter, there.


With his Galilean interests sated,

Jordan straightened and declared

The snow “much faster than last year’s”;

While (seeming part-Ptarmigan)

Waddling towards me.


Poor little Marcus

Was still nursing his face,

“A plaster!!” the only matter

He was aspiring to address.


I didn’t consciously link another meaning of ‘Galilean’ to calling the older boy Jordan when writing the poem but, upon typing it out, I suddenly realised the connection!! 😀



I was emailed back!  The Jimpix website owner apologised for deleting his generator, and told me he had reinstated it!  I am so happy (while also feeling a leeeetle bit like a bully…) go and check out his ecards and generators, there are poetry cards to choose from as well as funny ones. He is obviously one of the good guys and deserves your custom 😉



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    Thanks for reading, Richard 🙂 I’ll check that out.

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    Good post!

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