The Given Gift

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I was busy for most of today, as Hubby was off and took me for a late breakfast, and we had my folks in for a visit after school.

I did get to write a piece with Laura’s phrase of “give the gift” while Hubby popped the pizzas in the oven, however 😉


I was overcome by a lot of thoughts at once, crying helplessly while staring at circling autumn leaves.  When would the pain subside?  How would it all be ok again?

My husband took me to a nice little tea shop that day.  One with pretty crockery and whimsical cosies covering the pots.  I tasted grief in the tealeaves I accidentally let swim in my cup.  I rarely venture beyond bags.Carrot cake pic

The pink wallpaper had shapes that reminded me of chandeliers; or huge fancy earrings dangling from invisible ears.  The windows there were only on one wall, and made of mottled glass.  Distorted people walked past a lot.  Some doubled back and came in.  Such is the lure of colourful sugar.

I didn’t eat all of my breakfast pile, but I did plump for carrot cake.  Something about the mix of spices and cheese frosting was reminiscent of shop-bought playdough.  I was taken back to my little desk, in my first real room, where I first experienced missing her; 26 years before the actual…event.

My husband talked of other things, but it all became relevant.  My whole life is relevant.

She was the one to give the gift of my mother to the world, and so all meaning thereafter.  Shaped my life in many ways, bestowed some mannerisms, bad eyesight and lumpy feet upon me; left me some words.

I pulled her bodywarmer closer to me and wished it was her hug.  A faint odour of perfume rose, which I pretended wasn’t mine.


249 words this time, not bad again.  Thank you, Laura, for my free reign with your inspiration 😉 I hope you liked the piece.

Hubby informs me that there are two phrases to guide me through the weekend on my sticky post! Hurrah!  Not quite time for a new challenge yet, then.  If you’d like to take me further into next week, feel free to add your sentence (and positioning instructions) to this post and I’ll assign you a day and see what I can conjure for you 🙂

Til tomorrow, lovelies!


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