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Hi  😉


Hubby has taken a week off work, so I was sitting in a café to write the following poem.

We had a lovely cooked breakfast and a few cups of tea, then settled down with our separate paper and pens. 

We were quite tired as we had stayed up late, and yet had championed the kids rattling down the 1.5 mile pavement gambit to school and nursery on their scooters!

Hubby had parked the car down at the school, and quickly walked back up to meet the boys and me as we careered towards him.  This was a great move, as it meant we could chuck the scooters and helmets in the back and zoom off to our wee retreat, then have the scooter for the youngest’s pick up time so he could lark about with it before he came home 😀

None of this activity really gave me any ideas for today’s word usage, however.  I am not even sure I know what the poem I ended up with is really about…


Board   Rack   Researcher   Result   Excitement   Package   Emphasis   Cope   Freshman  


The surf board fitted on the roof rack

But my fears didn’t.

The researcher checked his watch

And we drove away.


I wanted to get him the right result,

Excitement in my gut;

The package he had promised me

Playing on my mind.


The emphasis on discretion

Meant no one else knew;

A tricky experiment that

I was facing alone.


Hard as it is, I have learned to cope,

Fears leave when I start.

His money paid for my Freshman year;

My courage? For much more.


Notebook page, attached to another notebook page…

When my 15 minutes were up and I read it to hubby, he didn’t know what it was really saying, either!

We brainstormed a bit over the remaining time before our 11.40am deadline, but only really came up with the board being some sort of device for measuring the force of shark bites…but we weren’t convinced 😉

What does the poem mean to you?  What is the real relationship between the ‘researcher’ and the speaker?

Is the speaker male or female? What is in that ‘package’?

Please let me know, in the comments, what you come up with!




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