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The kids have been teaching me card games; and playing with dinosaurs, dragons and blocks.  There have been some good stories coming out of their endeavours.  I’ve mostly been called upon to be their referee and photographer. 

I have also had red wine and yesterday’s chocolate cake, so life is all good with me!

Maybe the tipsy writers I was talking about the other day were onto something?!  The poem seemed to flow pretty easily tonight…

There is, however, something sinister going on in this one; and I hope the speaker manages to get help ok…


Door  Wacky  Impossible  Curtain  Calculating  Wistful  Actor  Tranquil  Nonchalant

As I chapped on the door

I had no idea

Just how wacky a step

This would be.


It was impossible

To predict just then

The insane curtain you

Gather round.


Cloaking your intent/

Calculating mind.

The wistful me, sucked in.

Advantage: yours.


Such a pro actor, you.

Every tranquil thought

Of mine: shattered on sight.

Swept up, hidden.


Appearing nonchalant

When in truth a plan,

Meticulously hatched,

Is in full swing…


Notepad workings

See what I mean?!

I can only see a woman standing at a blue door, and then shadowy images of a blurry person moving inside around her, later in the poem. 

What do you think has happened?  Is it a man she is speaking about?  Is it a relationship, or is she much younger than him and he’s kidnapped her? 

Is it another woman holding the one at the door captive? A strange kind of suffocating friendship – or an affair? 

What did you get from the poem…please let me know in the comments 😉


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2 Responses to “The Door”

  1. Jennifer Patino Says:

    Blind date jitters, perhaps?

  2. Montaffera Says:

    Interesting! Do you think the woman at the door is just writing it all in her head, and none of the bad stuff has actually happened?

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