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It was Textfixer in control today:



Teeth  Powder  Massive  Ruby  Noble  Application  Bent  Grind  Minipill


She could swear there were little teeth

Poking through those cute gums already,

As the powder cloud cleared

And he smiled –

That massive gape

He always did.

Those impossibly ruby lips

And noble brow –

Oh!  He was just

So endearingly beautiful!


(Some people said she should

Reign in her application of that word

For a boy;

But beauty was what she saw

So what she would express)


As she bent to cuddle bubs again,

She heard the grind

Of her husband’s well-established enamel

Behind her.


Whereas he could not forgive

Their ‘penance’ for a failed minipill –

She was just delighted

With this boy she could watch grow.



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