The Buttered Axe?

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Good evening, lovely readers 🙂

From Jimpix

Today is a Jimpix day again!

This selection was tame, however, and only threw one word at me that I did not instantly know.  Arpeggio is a music term though, so I thought maybe it’d be ok to fit in.  It was the last word that took a bit of thought, actually.  I used all but the last 20 seconds of my 15 minutes today 😉







Area   Arpeggio  Coat  Muscle  Tepid  Wheat  Buttered   Axe  Announcer.

As they stand, the area strewn with toys,
Their arpeggio nonsense
Striking the devil’s chord in me –

I see my coat.
And every muscle screams to go.
But I stand there.

A tepid smile, as I
Sympathise with the fallen
Slab of wheat that always seems
To land buttered side down…

That axe that grinds inside
Is softened by the love that lifts;
And soon their shiny eyes,
Blonde hair and smiles,
Will pluck me from this gloom. As if

The universe has heralded
My salvation
By switching channels seamlessly;

A calm, put-together announcer
Presenting a better way.


Pretty (scribbly) in pink

The kids were back at their education, and the house was too quiet between ten and quarter past eleven this morning (I’d have been home earlier, but it was a spring-type day and I met a neighbour…) 

The boys have been ill off and on for weeks with a lingering lurgy, and been fractious, but I do miss them loads!

Having said that, this morning before 8.20am was not much fun. I had both of them refusing to get their outdoor gear on at one point – but they did see ‘sense’ eventually.  (I think it was me admitting I didn’t much feel like walking, either, that swung it)   I managed to get the youngest sorted and hugged, ask his keyworker how her wee break went, then dive across the playground to cuddle our eldest  before the bell went and all the P2s filed in.  Not bad for only having rocked up at about seven minutes to nine!

It seems cruel sometimes that there is never a podium where they hand out the gold when you achieve these little miracles in your day – not even a measly silver or bronze. 

Even when I have done so many things right in a day, I never know if it’s enough – and it’ll be the mistakes that will haunt me.  Having been witness to every thought and deed (or imagined deed!) I did throughout each round of 24 hours, when do I get to know if the balance is tipped enough to the good before any damage is permanent?! 

Anyone else out there feel like this a lot of the time?

It is such a responsibility being a role model for little people 😉

How would you have used today’s words?  Let me know in the comments!



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  1. Jane Wright Says:

    I really like this poem.

  2. Montaffera Says:

    Aww fab 🙂 it’s lovely to have you here, and that you are enjoying the poetry X

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