The Best Pet

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Hey 🙂

I am going out tonight so, of course, my delightful offspring have decided to enlighten me as to why I shouldn’t leave them before bedtime…! I even got my hair cut and coloured earlier (!), so Eldest rudely told me before I left (in a taxi, as our car had already chosen to have a flat battery this morning) that I wouldn’t be part of the family any more if I got it shaved too short!!Randomlists screen shot for 14th October 2017

RandomLists’ words also seemed to add to the feeling that there was something inherently wrong with me going out with my friends on a Saturday night, while the kids are still young (because a list of words is not a subjective tool, or anything 😉  ).

I will still venture forth into this night, however.  There is chat to be had and dancing to do!

I’ll be allowed home again, too, cos apparently having blonde/grey and purple hair is cool enough to dodge Eldest’s threat.  Phew.


Milky  Tender  Tearful  Pet  Scared  Murder  Dime  Measly  Rough


Our milky cuddles,

Tender touch at the beginning of life;

Each of us fearful

That the other may leave.


Little fingers and toes curling,

Wee squashed face

Peeking over my nightgown

Like a handbag pet.

 Written page for 14th October 2017

Partly scared,

Immensely proud:

I turn from the world

To the comfort of connection.

(The only murder entertained

Is that of endless cups of tea)


My whole life turned on a dime:

A sudden meaning,

Pieces slipping easily together

In the depths of newborn eyes.

Former aspirations

Appearing measly scraps

Against this gifted life.


It was a rough few months,

But all is forgiven

In the cocoon of beautiful praise.



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  1. Jane Wright Says:

    Another nice, tender poem

  2. PrettyKoolDame Says:

    Too cute 🙂

  3. Montaffera Says:

    I miss my squishy babies 😉 x

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