The Agreement

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Hi 🙂

Today I changed the rules, and reworked my ‘sticky post’ on my Facebook page so my lovely followers could suggest a sentence to use in a very short story (that I had to construct in 20 mins); and also tell me whether the sentence should be:

  1. The opening phrase
  2. The closing line


  1. If I could use it anywhere in the story


Sandy stepped up first, and gave me this line to use: “unless by prior agreement”.  She left it to me to decide where I inserted it into my story, so I set 20 mins on the timer and got to work…


I hadn’t taken anyone with me.  That was my first mistake.  There would be many others, but…yeah.  No one to hold my hand, ask the right questions – remind me that everything would look better on the other side.

I’m not sure what was said afterwards.  I remember that the floor felt better than the chair.  Sturdier, stronger, less likely to shift beneath me.  It was reassuring to know it was still there.

I remember that the nurses all had perfume that competed, and made me feel a bit like I was on a sedate hen night.  They all talked at once, as I floated into bed.Pixabay nurse

It was morning. I was dazzled by the sunshine slanting through the blind.

My husband got a free parking pass; unheard of “unless by prior agreement”.  A nurse joked about my VIP status.  I wondered who to complain to – whether this situation meant I had to be ‘graceful’ for the rest of my days.

Strangely, I didn’t think of Jamie until the lunch trays arrived.  How jealous he’d be that I got to eat strawberry jelly on a Wednesday!


I couldn’t decide what exactly the backstory for this piece should be.  I was going to write ‘midwives’ at first, but I thought ‘nurses’ gave more scope for the reader’s imagination? 

My red spidery scrawl is littered with lines through words, but I feel I am using the word ‘that’ a lot this week.  It’s bugging me.

I can’t get away from my old pal alliteration, either.  Subconsciously scribbled sentences, saturated senseless with whispered words sporting similar sounds! Torture…


Thanks to Sandy for the inspiration!! Hope you like what I came up with 😉

Tomorrow it is Sheelagh’s turn.  I have not looked at her comment on the ‘sticky post’ further than where she indicates it is an opening line she has for me.  Don’t want to spoil my surprise before my writing session tomorrow…

Hop over to my page and add yourself to the little queue of brain sparks that is building in the sticky post!  I look forward to using your contribution in a future post…I’m stupidly excited about the whole challenge, truth be told. I will get a notification that you’ve posted a comment, but won’t look at it until your turn in the queue, so I can’t write stuff in my head from your phrase, days in advance and kinda cheat.  Cos where’s the nervous fun in that?!

What better motivator than someone depositing a completely random gift in my creative lap, and me having to make it fly in a crazily short space of time?! 😛  🙂


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  1. Jane Wright Says:

    I really love that you are having such fun with this!

  2. Montaffera Says:

    ❤ total creative revelling 😄 x

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