The Ache

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Falling awake

The ache, the ache;

Every mistake

The ache, the ache.


Your noise follows me

To the ends of my tree,

I look down and I pray for release;

So far away

The dark close to the day

Even then, this onslaught will not cease.


Falling awake

The ache, the ache;

Wisdom intake

The ache, the ache.


I hear all your pain

In your thunderous reign

And I ‘get’ that you’re reflecting mine;

But I cannot deal

With relentless appeals

Don’t you see there’s a creative line?


Falling awake

The ache, the ache;

Barriers break

The ache, the ache.

Buddha figurine, meditating 

I’m supposed to sit still,

Study each bitter pill,

Emerge stronger, on some higher plane;

Not react to the fuss

(All this ‘trivial’ stuff)

That somehow gets stuck in my brain.


Falling awake

The ache, the ache;

Pathetic fake

The ache, the ache.


My eyes stuck on the prize

Shrugging off this disguise:

There’s a Wonder Woman in this dust.

I just wish I had known

‘Fore these babies were born –

But I needed their guidance to trust…


Falling awake

The ache, the ache;

Internal quakes

The ache, the ache.


Falling awake

The ache, the ache;

Too much at stake

The ache, the ache.

I am really being affected by listening to Dr. Shefali Tsabary’s book The Conscious Parent on Audible.  I feel important (and long overdue) changes are afoot 🙂

(Don’t delve into Tsabary’s work without hankies, a journal/notebook and a willingness to look your demons straight in the eye.  You have been warned!!)

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