That Misty Morning

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Hello 🙂

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There has been a particularly warm response to my blog over the last few days, thanks as always for taking the time to read the burblings of my mind (you know you rock, yeah?).

I am really touched that you are here *proffers hugs*

I went out to a café while our youngest was at nursery today, and put the world to rights with a lovely mum pal.  So today’s poem had been written just after midnight, letting me relax knowing it was done and I wasn’t depriving the world.  😛

The generator was pretty kind, it must have seen the bags under my eyes from yesterday.


Misty  Geese  Kick  Willing  Yarn  Great  Argument  Rush  Apologise

On that misty morning

I stared at the water,

Til the geese flew over;

Giving me the kick I needed.


Flying in formation,

Willing to lead, and follow,

And trust in each other –

To journey on together…


My yarn fell from my lap,

I clutched the phone –

Ending the Great Argument –

Breathless in my rush to apologise.


Greeny McGreenface

The speaker, in my head, lives in a stunning location.  I think it is in Canada somewhere, and looks out across a wide garden and down to a lake.  It was a gorgeous sunrise.  She was knitting socks, on four double-pointed needles, and the yarn was blue.  (Sorry, knitting friends, I didn’t see what make of yarn)

What do you think the ‘Great Argument’ was about? 

I was given no clues, though I had the feeling that she was calling someone male? She didn’t say their name.  My scene faded to black as she started to spill sorries down the receiver! 

It was one of those old dial phones, hence the pic.

(Isn’t pixabay fab? All those pictures without the usual copyright restrictions.  No, I am not an affiliate, I just love the idea of them. Hubby told me about them, and pexels, but I digress…)

I found this site with sixty quotes about arguments, which was quite interesting.  I think Wendell Berry’s is my favourite:


Better than any argument is to rise at dawn and pick dew-wet red berries in a cup.

I’ll wager he didn’t have kids to deal with of a morning, then.

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