That Blue Machine

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Hiya 🙂

opened my new laptop yesterday!  As you know, my old one did not serve me well on holiday, and to be honest it was annoying me a lot before that, too.  Having stayed up to a silly hour playing with my new toy, laptops were very much on my mind when I came to write today’s poem:








Dealer  Fate  Blue  Ally  Dialect  Economic  Fur  Computer  Virus


Some wheeler-dealer

In the technology store

Sealed my fate

When he fanned the flames

I’d sparked

For that cutesy blue machine.


Reminiscent of a typewriter

My mother owned;

One she used to write a story

And a poem or two

When I was growing up…


But this new tech’s no ally of mine.


We commence in a dialect

That both of us understand

But then this numpty

Is economic with my rewards!

Each extension of my patience

Makes me sure that it has fur for brains.


Recalcitrant ruminations of a

Curmugeonly computer –

Virus not visible,

But blood boiling well.


I will miss the compactness of ol’ Bluey, but with 4 times as much RAM and 1 terabyte of internal storage, I think ‘Red’ is definitely going to be better for the blogging (and my stress levels!).

Now that I have a disk drive and all that storage space, I can try to upload my speech recognition software I bought aaaages ago, and therefore I may be able to digitise my dusty notebooks and glean new inspiration from them.  Nothing like a visit from teenage/student/single me to underline how my life has moved on, what the chat was then, or how technology has since become a huge player in my day to day!

I am also loving the 15.6-inch screen 🙂 much better for my ailing eyes…

It may be a ‘business expense’, but my lovely new red buddy is also an early 40th pressie from Hubby and the kids – thank you guys!! 😀

Have you got a favourite piece of tech…or a definite digital nemesis?


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2 Responses to “That Blue Machine”

  1. Jane Wright Says:

    Glad you have no computer virus! There will be no stopping you now

  2. Montaffera Says:

    Thanks…and hopefully!! X

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