Tangential (#NaPoWriMo Day 22)

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I’m gonna dive in today and explain the prompt after…




The bubble

Was warm,

Clean and accommodating.


She luxuriated in it,

Feeling less angular

As time wore on.


woman making a giant soap bubble

Her backbone curved,

Her shoulders sagged,

Her limbs hugged to her frame.


An overgrown foetus

Rolling through –

No longer cornered.



Social Circle


Nowhere to slump,

Tossed in a constant 360;

Sick from the motion

And frantic for peace.

“I’m good ta, yeah.

And you?”


The prompt was for me to take one of the listed ‘impossible phrases’ and write a poem where it was proven possible.  I went with “a circle can’t have corners”, but I feel I wrote about two people conforming to the phrase, instead 😉


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