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There appeared a relatively tame Jimpix offering for me today:









Tailed  Anthropic  Multiple  Wazzock  Thyme  Omniscient  Cookie  Manuka  Onion


She adjusted her mirror again

And saw that, sure enough,

He had had her tailed.


All that anthropic progress,

Multiple adaptations

Of genes and ability;

And he was still

A giant wazzock

(With incompetent lackeys)


As she wove through the traffic,

Easily losing the BMW

With its conspicuous intent,

Her mind inexplicably rolled back

To days spent eating yogurt with Thyme honey

At her omniscient Gran’s table:


Hot tea steaming her spectacles

With each bend to sip.


That was gossip worth hearing!


Her sister had posted (from Oz)

A picture of an oaty cookie

With the caption: how I take my Manuka.

So maybe that was the reason

For that trip down memory lane?


It was her last voluntary musing.


As soon her eyes, transfixed,

Saw the imminent collision,

And her onion-layers unfold…


What? I didn’t promise it’d be cheerful 😉


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