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Hubby and I are still soldiering on, wondering which of us will succumb to the bug first.  It is a horrible thing.

I knew what I was writing about when ‘bleach’ appeared in the words for today! 😉




Birds  Juggle  Bleach  Support  Cowardly  Root  Understood  Charge  Wistful

We can hear the birds

Chattering and laughing

Some sweet gossip

Being told on every branch


5am, exhausted,

We smile at each other, knowing

That our ‘nightmare bucket juggle’

Is now making way for dawn.


Our noses full of bleach,

We offer support to our offspring

(My cowardly acts of yore

Not an option with my role)

Great compassion at its root

My new leaf is understood

By hubby, and respected,

As he sees me tend our charge.


I watch people pass our windows

In the milder April weather;

Sit inside a patch of sunshine

While my boys snooze on the couch.

I confess: I feel quite wistful

Once I survey their wee ill faces;

Catch their baby selves in slumber,

Which ramps the love rush up a notch.


Pink poetry

Again, I will be making this a short post, as I am needed downstairs.  But have had a few nice moments amongst all of the yucky ones that’ve occurred over the past 28 hours or so. (As a blithering emetophobe, this took me by surprise)

I read two books to our Eldest as he lay looking increasingly forlorn, somewhere around 2am this morning, and he still was interested and asked questions.  I have also been impressed by how well he has handled the many many trips to the bathroom he has had to endure as his body ticked off all the stages of this tummy bug. 

He was sitting in the shower this morning, giving me a monologue about water and its many exploits 😉

Unfortunately, Youngest has also been quite yucky today, starting from 6ish this morning; but he seems to be experiencing gentler and more spaced-out symptoms than his brother.  He has remained quite cheerful, watching Peppa Pig and Spiderman, and telling me things about sea creatures on Octonauts.

Hubby and I have been taking 2-3 hour shifts in order to fit in some rest for ourselves, but at times it has also been a good lesson in more hands-on teamwork!

I really love these guys I live with.  I wish I could speed Eldest’s recovery and somehow make sure that Youngest, hubby and I stay well for tomorrow. 

I don’t want Eldest remembering his seventh birthday as the one where there was no cake and everyone felt awful, but I have no control over that.  We’ll just have to be creative and make some good moments out of tomorrow, too, come what may.



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