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Hello 🙂

Again we are faced with the wrong side of the law in tonight’s poem:


Superb  Excited  Mute  Charge  Coil  Join  Jobless  Cute  Labored


It was a superb idea.

I watched her: so excited

That for once

She remained mute;

Just that wide smile

With a million-volt charge.


I left the rope in its coil

As we drove to join

The jobless Mike

(And cute Miranda)

For that special dinner.


I thought about our conversation

As her breathing

Became laboured, later.


She’d worn such a beautiful necklace

It’d seemed wrong to waste it

Employing clumsy cordage.


I had, eventually, to break and bury it

Of course.

Leaving fingerprint evidence

Is never clever.


I have just started revisiting the second season of Fringe, and I think all this FBI action may be affecting my subconscious!  Next thing you know, I’ll suddenly go all out and be writing about Post Mortems, shape shifters and strange mutant creatures…so watch this space! 😉

Do you think the speaker is male or female in this poem?  What is their relationship to the victim?  Have they killed before?  Will they kill again?  Are they happy with their handiwork?  Are they murdering her out of revenge?  Is it clear who the speaker actually bumped off?!  Could it be Miranda s/he is talking about…?

I am not sure, so I’ll leave you lovely readers to speculate while I go and edit some of the many posts left in my drafts folder recently…





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