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Hi 🙂

A Shakespearean Sonnet was today’s challenge! As it explains in the link, the typical layout is three sets of four alternate rhyming lines, then a rhyming couplet to finish (so abab, cdcd, efef, gg).  At line nine there is supposed to be a change of heart or an epiphany, too.

Here goes:


Plughole of dreams, your vortex pulls at meWoman anxious in bath

As, dripping wet, I venture back to life;

The bath side is my seawall, shoring glee –

Over the top: reality and strife.

My bubbles popped, my frothy thoughts all rinsed,

I tremble in my nakedness once more;

Disarmoured, like a newborn, I’m convinced

Something to make me flinch will breach the door.

But here I am: cleansed of rash reaction,

With space to choose how I now  journey on.

Souls get nourished by a bath’s abstractions,

Then brace themselves anew with great aplomb.

The water left a scent upon my skin

To remind me I can face anything.


Oh, I forgot to mention that this kind of Sonnet also has our old friend Iambic Pentameter ambling about in it.  (That’s iambic, not baby sheep-ic, by the way)

This wasn’t the easiest write ever, but my melancholy amused me.  Yes, I chuckled at my own depressed turns of phrase. I am clearly going a bit loopy.  



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