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Well! I was pretty down in my last few posts, but today I was rewarded with some very good news – Eldest had a restful  night, and woke up ravenous and pain free this morning!!

It took him two hours to wrestle through his sore tum long enough to eat all of a medium banana yesterday afternoon, and he had two naps between parts of it (!); but this morning he positively inhaled a slice of dry toast and then piped up “I feel much better today.  Can I open the big box of train track?”.  I can’t express how much that meant to me!!

Youngest had already been awake for two hours (it was 8.30am), and was down in the playroom with a new birthday toy.  Eldest marched down the stairs to join him (hubby has been carrying our invalid the last few days, as Eldest has been so weak) with me scurrying behind him, holding the requested track accessories!

Youngest’s face was so shiny when he realised his big brother was coming to play with him again after five days, it totally splintered my heart!  Just yesterday, Youngest had been stroking his brother’s head and using a gentle (and slightly patronising) voice, with Eldest lying there looking pathetic.  Youngest straight away took the lesser role in the new activity, however, as it was clear Eldest had a plan and was back in charge 😛 apparently, Eldest had been dreaming about track building!

I took some video of the the two of them exploring the contents of the track additions, then slipped away to go up and tell hubby the amazing news…and allow myself a wee sob over how wonderful it was to see Eldest ‘back in the room’. 

Eldest stopped play about half an hour later, and demanded a bowl of cereal.  He then had a banana not 15 minutes after that!!  He did get a sore tum for 20 minutes while the food went down, but then he was grand for the rest of the day!

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Unfortunately, all this good news did not translate into a happy poem, as the words did not point me in that direction – but that’s just the way of it sometimes 😉  there is a health theme, though…





Controller  Clinic  Grim  Circuit  Sudden  Any  Headlock  Determined  Enemy


As a ‘controller’ in life

That visit to the clinic

Felt particularly grim.

There is a short circuit

In my ability to take it all in.


Too sudden.

Too raw.

No way to make it less painful.


The fear has me in a headlock,

My neck aches from the strain of thinking

While Googling possible outcomes.


I am determined to fight this…this…

ENEMY within my body.


No way I’m not getting out of this



Notebook scribbles



[Eldest’s red track supports are these and the blue ones are these. I am not gaining anything by sending you to the Amazon links, just thought you’d like to know what the boys were playing with, because they are pretty cool 😉  The wooden track, turntable etc are various presents that have built up over the years.]



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