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Hello, lovely reader 😉


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Instead of a random poem, today I went for a random, 15 minute story. 

I was still feeling a bit sore (though much better) and just wanted to kick back.  Hubby took the kids out to a park, so I had some time 🙂


Ink  Structure  Sound  Seemly  Basketball  Increase  Wild  Purple  Unsightly

Sucking on the end of her pen absentmindedly, the taste of ink came as a surprise.  Maybe if she just spat it everywhere, her sentence structure would become passable?

The sound of others’ pen-tapping grew louder in her ears than she deemed seemly.  Surely whacking a writing implement off a page (like a basketball off a house) was frowned upon under exam conditions?

The increase in her off-topic reflections was starting to annoy her, too.  What was with that wild part of her that couldn’t knuckle down to the job in hand? 

Why was she asking stupid questions again? 

Why did she still have that earworm from yesterday?!

Dear GOD she hated that song.

All out of answers, both to her own queries and the exam’s, she grabbed the trusty purple Biro from the groove in her desk; and tried to make the hat her doodle-man was wearing appear a little less unsightly.

Maybe she’d get marks for artistic flair…?


I read this yesterday, about ‘showing’ instead of ‘telling’ one’s reader things. I don’t think the above story really complies, but the link has given me a lot to think about for future ones. 

I had fun with my piece, anyway.





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  1. Jane Wright Says:

    Interesting departure from former format

  2. Montaffera Says:

    I have a poem to post for yesterday, but who knows what I’ll create today 😂 always good to keep myself thinking…

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