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So my inner monologue, upon seeing the words for today, went a little like this:

“‘Join’ makes me think dots, then something would have to fit around ‘hurt’… ‘old’ and ‘eye’ seem to be asking to be put together somehow…Oooo, a ‘stranger’ needs to be ‘avoid’ed too…not sure how the last three words fit with the first six, though?!”

And so I began:


Join   Hurt   Old   Eye   Avoid   Stranger   Six   Expansion   Whirl

As I join up the dots that you left me,

I have hurt to brefriend and protect me;

That old ‘eye for an eye’ I’ll avoid, though,

‘Cos my mum taught me not to stoop that low…


You’re a stranger, a person non grata,

But somehow you think that won’t matter;

With six knives in my heart I’m still breathing –

Yet in my good nature you’re still believing?!


Get your coat, shoes, your hat, all belongings

(No reminders, please, of your wrongdoings)

Your conduct will not win my sanction,

And I fear your misdeeds’ expansion.


As the whirl inside my head is stopping,

And the clamour of my rage is dropping;

I can see through the clouds and think clearer

Pray that someone worth my love draws nearer.


Notebook page

It ended up rhyming of its own accord at first, but I just carried it on because it seemed to fit the rhythm my subconscious wanted. 

I quite like this poem, I’m glad the speaker has the sense to disentangle herself from the situation, and is putting her foot down! 

Sounds like she’s had a rough trot.  I wonder what her lover did?!

Can you relate to the poem at all? 

Would you have written along similar lines using these words?




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