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Hi 🙂

Today I have mostly been procrastinating in a particularly writerly way.

I played this game with the kids, and while they had their turns I was wandering to do little bits of housework; watching this YouTube video with writers talking about how they go about getting their head down and actually writing material, which I have been pausing and revisiting since yesterday. It is over two hours long…Jimpix screenshot for 16.10.17

Soon the kids moved off to do other things, and I read an online bio of Napoleon Hill…I even looked at Mel Robbins’ YouTube stuff on procrastination!!

Over lunch I watched more of the screenplay vid, then jumped onto Life Hacker stuff, where I found this link to a blog post about writing a novel in two months.  I then found this link about the length of time it usually takes to write a novel (I was playing, reading and chatting to the kids, cuddling them, making them food/snacks, stripping beds, catching up with the laundry, finding/fixing toys and cleaning the kitchen in between all this surfing, honest…) and finally got annoyed with myself!

So I wrote the below:



Above  Fields  Static  Celestial  Squeamish  Chilly  Trekking  Johns  Paranoid


Above these fields

Of today’s static vision

Is a celestial realm

I’m just too squeamish to reach for.

written page for 16.10.17

I’d rather stay

A chilly outsider

Instead of doing the necessary trekking

Towards the warmth

Of literary fame.


Hanging here with the boring Johns,

Paranoid that all’s been said before –

Hiding in perfectionism

To cover up the fear.


It’s all filling the well, no doubt.  My subconscious will make something out of my lazy days in this last week.  I have actually been doing a lot of relevant tapping this October break, and I’ve learned quite a bit more about WordPress and blogging in general, for example. 

A lot of writing has also been done 😉

I’m actually a little swot, honest…


Back to the school run tomorrow (thankfully with hubby’s chauffeuring, as he is working from home)


I’m gonna miss my wee buds, again!





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