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I woke up aching, as if a large vehicle had squashed me in the night.  It was a struggle to open my eyes, and my head felt like someone was shoving it sideways as I attempted to lift it from the pillow.  Youngest came for his morning cuddle, but didn’t stay long, I kept drifting in and out of consciousness. 

Eventually hubby asked when I was getting up (he had fed and dressed the children while pottering about before working from home) and whether the kids were definitely going to school today.  I asked him what he thought.  He said they were both still pretty snotty and coughing.  The boys were back in PJs rather quickly!

After our nice creative day yesterday, I wanted to do some more lovely stuff, so I snuggled down into the couch with a boy on either side of me (after phoning the school) and read three chapters of our current Famous Five book, trying to ignore the rasp in my throat.  Eldest loved it, Youngest became very silly and started swinging himself about over the back of the couch and poking his toes into me, etc.  Extremely annoying. 

This broke the mood, so the kids went off to play with cars and superheroes instead.  I tried to do a bit of catching up with my Twitter, but my head was still feeling strange and my vision was being hampered by black fly-like floaters a lot, so I opted for staring at the news for a while in a horizontal position. 

We all had an earlyish lunch, but even that did not calm Youngest down much.  He refused to be quiet for more than five minutes together for the rest of the afternoon, and by the time Hubby finished work I was feeling rather green around the gills.  I did lie down on our bed for a while, but I had to keep getting up to break up fights!  Such is a mummy ‘sick day’…

I finally just gave in and played cards with them.  They won every game, despite me getting down to my last card a few times.  Typical!


By rights it should be a Jimpix day, but my head would probably fall off, so I’ve cheated and gone for Randomlists instead.

I am not sure what exactly is going on in today’s poem, but I think the speaker is maybe not who ‘he’ thinks she is…


Rings  Kick  Staking  Parsimonious  Employ  Orange  Arrange  Windy  Momentous


It gave three rings and –

I could kick myself –

I picked it up.

Within seconds he was

Staking a claim on my weekend,

Casting aside

My parsimonious excuses;

Pointing out that

Being in a Fat Cat’s gainful employ

Had its benefits.


I watched the orange blink

And wished it was not my spot

He’d be steering into.

Still, I felt myself arrange my hair

Before I opened the door.

The windy stair did not

Slow down his advance.

His smile was too broad,

His mood too good,

To hope for less than momentous news.


I should really try for an early night tonight.  Y’know, before 2am? 

Of course, I am now feeling some of the energy I could have done with earlier when the kids were awake, and I am able to breathe more easily 😉  there is a law governing that, isn’t there?!

One fab thing that did happen today is that I got a parenting post of mine featured on another blog.  Not bad eh? Definitely cheered me up! 😀


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