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Unbiased  Suspect  Unruly  Number  Spy  Peaceful  Year  Concern  Wrench


No-one can be completely unbiased,

And I suspect her motives

Every time she smiles

At my unruly kids.


(I fret she has my mother’s number

On speed-dial:

Was sent as some spy

Into my supposed adulthood)


But it has been a peaceful year

Since the big volcano,

So I’ll try to quell my concern

And feign I think she’s not pretending

That this whole situation

Is a huge, undeniable, wrench.


I can see a woman in her twenties, with two lively boys in a library.  There are books strewn around them, and she had been trying to quietly wrestle a title from the younger boy when her aunt approached.  There was an immediate change in the atmosphere – the boys sensed it and both ran away to another part of the kids’ section, giggling.  The conversation is then stilted between the adults, the younger woman really wanting to go and calm down her sons, but not wanting to appear rude; the older woman very happy to see the family, but not knowing what to say.

I get the impression that there were threats of Children’s Services being involved in the younger woman’s care of the kids.  More than that, I am unsure…

What do you think the background to the poem is?



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