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I have gone back to my old format just for one day, in order to give you all some time to read my new sticky post and get involved (see below).

C’mon, you know you want to…!  I have comments already, so join the queue…Hubby informs me that Sandra has provided me with tomorrow’s prompts, and Katie for Wednesday’s! Yaaay!


I plumped for Textfixer to get my nine words, just because I am a coward and didn’t want to brave Jimpix on a Monday 😉


Textfixer screenshot


Blinding  Curve  Light  Germ  Aerobatic  Sprite  Hickory  Bounce  Sponge


Bullies blinding me

To the upward curve of your mouth,

I walk outwith your favourable light;

Each creative germ squashed

By their aerobatic words.

depressed girl

Some invisible sprite

Holds the hickory to my legs;

I fail to bounce out of range –

Ever the sponge

For their negativity.




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