Of A Spring Walk – And A Gingery Request

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I had a shower after midnight, so Youngest complimented my hair when he first saw me this morning!  Both boys also gave me lingering cuddles when I finally opened my eyes for good, sometime after 8am, so I can’t have smelt too bad, either. 😉

I need a new pair of shoes because the ones I got in the January sales have big holes in them (as I’ve worn them most days since!).  Hubby ordered me some on the PC – in between taking snaps of me and the boys lazing about.

The kids got rowdy, and were play-fighting a bit. Eldest suddenly gasped and handed me his front tooth!  Youngest had managed to knock it out, as he did last time!  Eldest had shown me that it was very loose yesterday, but it was still pretty attached to his gum…obviously that changed quite quickly!  The weird thing is that it is actually a year to the day since his second bottom tooth fell out, and today’s was his second top tooth…

Eldest had told me yesterday that he was hoping for ‘a bunny’ from the fairy, and I had looked up a pattern that I had slightly adapted, back when he was two (to fashion him a holiday companion).  It is a Lucy Collin one, and she offers it free on her blog, which is wonderfully kind!  So, in the car on our way back from a ‘Spring Walk’ to fulfil one of Eldest’s homework tasks,  I asked him what colour he would like his bunny to be.  He decided it should be orange (his favourite colour).  I had kind of suspected this, and had the yarn to boot, so I asked him if he’d like it to be the same colour as my (handy) Irn Bru.  He thought that was a great idea!

Hubby piped up at this point (he was driving) that if it was going to be modelled on Irn Bru, the bunny would have to be christened ‘Rab’…!  Once we’d explained to Eldest why that was a very fitting name (made me chuckle, anyway!) he agreed!

Our Spring walk did not see the boys in very good form.  They had both flatly refused to go at first, because we went on a similar ‘Spring Growth Hunt’ over the May Day weekend with Grandma and Papa. To go on another one was, apparently, boring. I was taking pictures of flowers in the grass and by the banks of the Loch, while they waited in the drizzle and basically complained about how long I was taking!

We did have a learning experience looking at the snaps later and searching for them in the book Grandma and Papa had given him about flowers, however.  Eldest even grudgingly enjoyed it!

To continue with the plant-y theme, hubby and I also re-potted Eldest’s Sunflower, which was towering over its humble plastic cup.  We have kept it inside the house and on the sideboard in the livingroom  still, but at least its roots have some expansion room now.

I was wondering if the Jimpix generator would offer me any plant related prompts so I could write a poem that would tie in with today’s exploits (or even tooth or bunny ones?) but, as we know, that generator is a law unto itself and…it didn’t.

It taught me some new stuff, though 😉 ‘Eur, ‘Scorpius, ‘xeric and ‘forebitt’ were not easy to fit into a natural-sounding flow, however.  How does one marry a business complexy thing with a constellation, hot climate and part of a ship…in 15 minutes?!  Well, I fell back on the old faithful of the creative conversations that kids love to involve their parents in.  The below is partway fictional, but indictitive  of the kind of chat that goes on in our house!




Alligator  Eur  Scorpius  Older  Xeric  Ginger  Gambler  Venture  Forebitt


He made his phone snap shut

In that Alligator way

That had our youngest laughing.

Hubby sat on our bed

Chuckling too (one would never guess

That the call from the Eur was important)


Our little Scorpius –

Lying as he was between hubby’s balance

And my wandering tutelage –

Got that look in his eyes,

The older head on;

Pierced us with his chocolate gaze…


Quizzed us on Africa,

Asking us which animal

“Was weally king” (in such xeric climes)

Whether a gingery giraffe “was weally owange”

And (if he were to turn gambler)

Would hubby back “A wino” or “a cwoc”?!


Eldest came through, to join our venture,

Shaking up the choices

By introducing dinosaurs and ‘bots.

Until the original question

Was but a forebitt –

(Arms and legs and) cabling running far…


Hubby is a Libra and I am a Sagittarian – Scorpius is between these constellations, which I play with in the poem.  (This description of Sagittarians is scarily accurate in the most part.  And there I was, thinking I was unique 😉 ) Both our boys were born under the sign of Aries!

No, I don’t actually believe in horoscopes! They just make me smile.

So, I have my agenda sorted for this evening, with Eldest needing to write a few more captions for the pics we took of him completing homework tasks, and general other learning type shenanigans.  Plus there is a Rab to create, of course, which I will add to the ‘Toothfairy Tales’ updates as soon as I can!

I think it’s going to be a late night again…



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  1. Jane Wright Says:

    You are getting good at stringing the awkward words into your poems!

  2. Montaffera Says:

    1. Deep breath
    2. Timer and brain on
    3. Go, go, go!!

    😂 x

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