Spin Cycle – #inktober2019 – Day 2

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Welcome back – it is Day 2 of Inktober 🙂

Today’s official prompt was ‘mindless’; so I sketched, inked and painted the scene below:

It mirrors how I feel about laundry, and housework in general: will it never ennnnd?!! 

Once I had sketched her (first in pencil, whilst listening to Boris Johnson addressing the Tory party conference this afternoon, as one does…) I thought our overcome lass was probably a creative soul (look at her quirky attire) feeling chained and constrained by the monotony of dirt and stains*.  Her head was undoubtedly full of all her unrealised creative plans, the colourful DIY dreams, the many blank pages calling for her attention…

This poor woman has my sympathy. How can one blame her for finding it all too much in that moment?  Haven’t we all been there at some point…?!

For the purists among you, here is my piece in its just-inked form:

And here are the original workings-out, to complete the ‘cycle’:

I hope you like my offering for Day 2 (it was a lot of fun to work on), and again please feel free to leave me a link to your work in the comments!

Right, I’m off to bed now, but I’ll be back tomorrow 😉


* When I read this back, I loved the rhyme and rhythm of this line…I will be using it in a poem, methinks…


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