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Well, the Jimpix generator outdid itself today: ‘spigging’ did not give me any exact results when I asked the mighty Google, so I had to improvise…








Suppliers  Cauldron  Spigging   Haweswater   Pallid  Song  Plonk  Barn  Fluther


I was incensed by my suppliers:

How hard was it to find me another cauldron?!


I was on that spigging phone

For over an hour.

In a secluded hollow in Haweswater

Some poor pallid pixie

Had their ears bent half off –


Just because they have whale-song

As their hold music

Doesn’t mean I’ll chill out

And not threaten to plonk their sorry botties

In my next spell!


The air around my casting barn was blue.

(And since when was a fluther

Two measly jellyfish?!)


The boys and I fell asleep on the couch earlier, so they are still awake and wanting me to read a chapter of The Rubadub Mystery and ‘cuddle-buddle’ them.  So I’d better scoot.

Hope you’ve had a lovely day, and I’ll ‘see’ you tomorrow!


[I found this as an afterthought…few roads  I could have gone down, there…]

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