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Reaction  Enemy  Dragon  Thinker  Commitment  Estimate  Spend  Drown


I love watching

Every reaction

As I become

Your un-enemy:

Less dragon

Than creative co-thinker.


I love your commitment:

How you estimate

Then adapt your play

When it needs tweaked –

Start a new storyline;

Introduce a new character.


I always wish I could spend

This precious time

When we habitually drown

In routines that bind.


The feeling is leaving my calf,

But our hearts are truly alive.


Eldest is very very glad to have the next 48 days to not attend school.  He has worked very hard all year, and earned a glowing report, but it is clear to all of us that he needs a rest.  (Well, as much as our whirlwind questioner ever rests!)

It has been hard seeing him flagging, but I think we are beginning to turn a corner.  We wrote our lists on Sunday, outlining all the activities we were hoping to incorporate on this holiday, as a family as well as individually.  Lovely things like beach trips and castle explorations, along with swimming and eating out, feature prominently – but both boys also insisted that ‘cuddle buddles’ be added, as well 😀

This week has been very much a ‘decompression’ week, where the weather has not been spectacular and the kids have wanted to stay close to home, so we have: pored over block-structures, explored our book collection a bit (haven’t unearthed our missing FFs, yet), written a story, drawn things, done some numberwork with playing cards, danced about like loonies, dressed up, had a fashion parade while choosing which (everyday) clothes were too small and which ones the boys liked from the next size up…etc etc.

I do love being able to ‘slow down’ and sit beside the boys, have tickling sprees, sprawl on the couch or rejoice with them when they win enough coins to acquire new wheels in the ‘motorbike game’ they can’t stop talking about 😉

The crazy cheek and nonsense will find its own level as the holidays progress, I can already see the hugs increasing and the kind deeds and words coming back between the boys.

If you have kids on their holidays, how is it all going for you, so far?


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