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Hello 😀

A regular reader of mine (*waves*) brought me back some sparkly pens from Spain!  I used one for my poem today, and oooo it’s so shiny!! Pink and glittery, how unabashedly girly, huh?  And why not? 😉

Thank you, lovely pen benefactress!

You will see I caught the page in a patch of sun, so half of the poem is obscured, but (conveniently) I have written it out below for you.  Handy or what…?







Coat  Result  Ostracize  Skip  Latest  Fade  Arrow  Poison  Remunerate


I threw on my coat,

Left in the rain,

Furious with slights

That no one else saw.


All this reaction

The result of years,

Others tried to ostracize me:

Skip past my humanity

And find me wanting.


This latest jibe

Resounded in my ears

And refused to fade

By bedtime.


A historical arrow

Exacting its poison

Through my most sensitive veins.


I fear no amount of growth

Will adequately remunerate me

For their unceasing onslaught.


My memory is violent –

Even gentle words

Can twist in its storm.


Does this poem resonate with you?  Were/are you dealing with bullying?  Do you feel it is hard to interact without the echoes breaking in?



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