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As I sit here on my first full day of being without both my boys and my husband at home – it seems very surreal to be just looking out of the window, not having to watch my time too closely. Usually it would be less than half an hour before I go to pick up Youngest at nursery; I should then be walking home with him telling me all about his day, holding my hand and chatting to me about what he would like for lunch…

While part of me is sad about this, I am also really enjoying being able to plan my day with a little more time in there to play with 😉

I uploaded a voice recognition package to my laptop yesterday, and so now I feel like I have a secretary! I am most comfortable writing longhand and hate sitting looking back and forwards, trying to make sense of my own handwriting in order to translate it onto the screen – and wishing I could touch type. Much easier to just read my work out and let the computer do the typing, don’t you think?! Unfortunately it doesn’t always get all the words right…but it’s learning!

I wrote a line or two for today’s journal prompt about how much weight I attach to the idea of money being inherently evil.  I then brought my thoughts over to my notepad and came up with:


“A little coin

Your soul purloins”

They’d have us all believe

(So we don’t ask for,

Try to bask in,

Riches ill received)

Wall of one pound coins


Whereas it’s true

One can imbue

A fortune with dark sins;

Our good can grow

If we don’t throw

Our values to the winds.


A soul intent

To circumvent

Greed, hierarchy and folly

Can spread the wealth

And keep himself

Untainted, just and jolly.


We shall see what my writing time tomorrow produces! 


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[I am currently journaling (and writing poems) around prompts from The Year Of You: 365 Journal Writing Prompts For Creative Self Discovery by Hannah Braime – Kindle ASIN: B076Z6Y5L9]


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