Some Weird Tornado

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Good Evening!

Upon reading through my words today, the last three quickly melded into a couple of lines to finish my


poem with; then I just had the task of trying to figure out how to get there with my snapshot/story! 

Having two boys, there is no ‘pink bedtime’ in our house, so I had to think up another way for ‘pink’ to feature 😉

I felt I had to at least partly write about our youngest today, as he heard the poem I wrote about his brother yesterday, and was a bit put out.  Especially as I had written about big brother’s favourite toy not so long ago, too, and the generators have not thrown up Cuddle Monster, yet… 

[I pointed out that I had mentioned the Chicken Pox in a poem, but that argument was met with disdain]


Pink   Bedtime   Guard   Heartsick   Drop   Eruption   Weird   Tornado   Massacre

His little face pink from giggling,

My curly-headed cutie cuddles me.

It’s so near to bedtime,

But Lego figures still stand guard.


And he is suddenly a heartsick,

Wailing, flailing mass who loves to

Drop to the floor – and enlists his brother

Whose eruption is even more fierce –

At the mere mention of tidying up…


So, together, they flatten all the little people,

Like some weird tornado

Inflicting a plastic massacre.


I am quite proud of myself for getting this one completed, because I started it at 10.55am, finished it within 12 minutes, then had to run about like a crazy person to manage the 1.5 mile trek on foot to collect the wee one from nursery at 11.40am…the stress should have made the poem impossible, but I actually like how it turned out!

So, do your kids like throwing Wobblies in tandem?!

Or/and what kind of tornado would you have written about?

Please let me know in the comments!



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