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The NaPoWriMo prompt posited:

Today, I’d like to challenge you to find an idiomatic phrase from a different language or culture, and use it as the jumping-off point for your poem.

I picked two from here (because, why not?!) “Att glida in på en räkmacka” in Swedish (“To slide in on a shrimp sandwich.”) and ไก่เห็นตีนงู งูเห็นนมไก่ in Thai (“The hen sees the snake’s feet and the snake sees the hen’s boobs.”). What fun…!


He slid in

On a shrimp-lined sandwich;

All sushi and simpering.


But his serpent socks

Could not escape

My barnyard vigilance.


Again with the fowl deeds… 😉

Big hugs, stay safe, and be sure to stay tuned for Day 23!


Monty X


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