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Hiya 🙂

I feel very proud of myself: I have coaxed my menfolk (and yours truly) into finding homes for ALL of our Christmas loot!  This never happens until mid-January, usually 😉

Hubby also deserves a special mention for having: put out all the rubbish, made all the festive food (which has been extremely yummy) and also having helped with my mad cleaning spree on Christmas Eve!!

I sat with Youngest for about three hours today and supervised his building of a few smaller things and a rather amazing Lego digger from a set that his Great Grandma got him.  He was so focused and has become very diligent at picking out the pieces he needs while following the instructions in the booklets.  I snapped together the 44 ‘clippy bits’ that make up the caterpillar tracks, but he counted them out for me and explained how they joined and why they were needed 😉 he constructed at least 80% of the rest, I was just there to push together stubborn pieces and for praise, really.

We still have the digger arm to make and attach tomorrow, but Youngest and I are very proud of what we accomplished!

Eldest came and picked out relevant pieces for his brother for about 7 mins, but Eldest was more interested in playing with his new ‘Carnage’ figurine (from Spiderman) this afternoon.  He’ll make his Lego boat set with me at a later date, though he’s asked if he can explore some computery stuff as his ‘Mummy Time’ tomorrow.  I’m looking forward to it!!


I picked ‘snow’ as my acrostic today, as we woke up to some thin stuff this morning.  Again I have written three poems with the word in a different position in each:


Silent cloak,

Night-time visitor;

Open curtains –

White surprise!


woamn at night in a snowstormHis frozen kisses

Captured in carbon

Happiness, but also

Christmassy sorrow




Regret swirls freely

    Particles interact slowly

         Settle on everything

      And grow heavy.


I hope these three festive days have been good to you all, take care and I’ll be back soon!


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