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I saw the words today, and thought about a wee incident I witnessed in the playground one morning last week.  It involved the bin, but was not as much of a joyous event as the one in the poem. Apparently one of the kids was throwing contraband in the bin, and another was trying to retrieve it for themselves?! It’s hard to get the whole story out of six year olds…definitely made me worry about germs, however 😉

I liked the fact that the selection was easy to understand.  I’ve been really tired recently 😛


Crowd  Bin  Applaud  Snail  Relation  Mist  Proclaim  Pipe  Taxi


In the centre of the crowd,

There stood a bin.


A smatter of laughter,

Then they saw fit to applaud some exploit.

I had to investigate.

Wipes at the ready

I peered over their heads.


I saw a snail, balancing,

And another, chasing.

A small, happy face

Looked up and said:

“Look! They’re racing!

This one is winning,

He’s left his brother behind.”


I watched as well.

And, sure enough,

The frontrunner was speeding away from his hapless relation.

More Oooos and Aaaaahs;

This time from me.


The bell rang out

And that panicky screeching started

As the girls ran for lines

And boys muscled in.

I became aware, once more, of the fine rain;

A mist upon my spectacles.


The two snails were left.

No one to stay and proclaim

One as the winner.

I felt quite sad.


I waved a few kids in

Along with mine;

Leaning, as I often do,

Against the drain pipe.

Wishing my home was just on my back.


And I wend my way back thither,

Pushing the buggy:

My youngest’s now-empty taxi.


Notebook page

Please excuse the fact I crossed out the word I wrote in the first line of the last verse.  It was really bugging me!  I had had to read the riot act to our eldest about two minutes into my timer, as he has been full of nonsense all day and was REFUSING to be quiet and let me think (hubby was supervising the boys getting dressed after their baths).  So that wasted a good chunk of time, and meant that the beeper sounded just about a second after I had written the full stop after ‘taxi’; meaning I hadn’t time to tweak anything!  Luckily, when I checked, I had actually included all the words I was supposed to.

I like today’s poem, I’ve never actually raced snails and I think it would be pretty cool.  The kids are always fascinated when the critters attach themselves to strange places, so I think a bin with two snails would be a crowd-pleaser in a playground.  Hopefully the seagulls wouldn’t pick them off?!

What story would you have come up with for the snail?

Would someone have applauded it, or would it have slithered off into the mist…?

Let me know in the comments 😉


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  1. Jane Wright Says:

    Lovely little poem that leaves a pleasant image in the mind.

  2. Montaffera Says:

    Aww thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it x

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