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Hi everyone!


I have been taking a break from the poetry and doing a bit of sketching instead since the end of April!  I strive to draw at least part of something every day as one of my daily creative goals (and have done since the 19th of February this year).  As I explain in this post, drawing is a mostly relaxing activity for me, and I frequently surprise myself by achieving small details I thought would be beyond me.

This week I have been looking at hands.  I Googled ‘reference pics of hands’ and was inundated with choice!  I went with one from this pic on Pinterest as inspiration and drew a pretty awful one:

But I had a bit more success with following Mark Crilley’s advice in this YouTube tutorial, and actually like what I achieved:


Youngest was drawing alongside me while his brother was in the shower this evening, and he challenged me to draw “a man holding a gun”.  Lego Star Wars, you have a lot to answer for…

Youngest actually asked me for this a while back, but was feeling cheated because last time I ‘messed up’ and just drew a groovy long-haired purple-suited guy holding a hairdryer in some random desert, as one does (I’ll dig that out for you in another post, it’s in a different sketchbook…).  

In the name of furthering my art skills, then, and because I wouldn’t know where to start drawing a gun (!) I found this photo to eyeball, and drew the below using some of the tips I’d gleaned from Crilley:



Both boys were suitably impressed, and I had again fulfilled my daily drawing quota.  Hurrah!


We took a family jaunt together today as well, circumnavigating Linlithgow Loch and letting the boys use up a bit of energy. 

Unfortunately, the midges and other, larger, flying yucky things were out in force and not afraid to chow down on us; but we did see a Heron and lots of other water birds, so it was a good walk all in all. Youngest didn’t even complain about trekking over two miles! (But he did fall asleep on the way home, bless him!)

We didn’t get a decent pic of the Heron, but here are my menfolk beside a swan who was trying (!) to take a rest.  If you look closely, you can see all the flying insects against the sky in the foreground!!  Oh, and that’s Linlithgow Palace to the left in the background 😉


I’m not sure yet what we are going to get up to with our Bank Holiday Monday, but both the kids and hubby are off so it will be nice to continue to hang out with each other.  If the weather holds, we will probably go for a wander again…hopefully without beasties in our hair this time!

I trust you are all having a great long weekend, and I’ll catch you again in the next wee while – probably with more creative news to share 🙂


Montaffera X



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  1. Jane Wright Says:

    Well done, especially the second drawing. Hands are said to be among the most difficult of things to draw.

  2. Montaffera Says:

    Thanks, practice will make passable 😉 X

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