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Good evening 🙂

How are we all?


I went for a “rink drama” after reading today’s words. 

I used to love going ice skating when I was in my tweens and teens.  We had a rink within walking distance, so I used to dress up a bit in a nice baggy jumper and leggings (it was the 90s!) and usually put some sort of scarf in my hair; then I would join a friend or two and whizz around the ice for the disco session of a Saturday morning. 

Aaah the miming joy when our favourite songs came on!

A few guys took me on dates there over the years, too.  I remember trying to look sophisticated walking in those blue hire skates on the soggy, scarred lino of the rink’s café.  It is hard to multitask pretending you are just in bizarre Vivian Westwood heels with smiling, and not covering everyone in cola while you totter back to your seat…! 

Some cheap yet trendy aftershave mingling all the while with the aroma of chips 😉

I am glad I did not date the speaker in my poem, however.


Skate  Conversation  Full  Scramble  Couple  Ribbon  Texture  Warn  Pitch


She looked down at her skate,

Cutting cleanly through,

Before she began the conversation

I knew was coming.

I did not let her finish

(Lay her lies out in full)

Such was the scramble

In my head, and heart, and legs.


No longer a couple,

We left the ice; but still

A ribbon of it strangled all my words.

The jagged texture of goodbye

Should serve to warn

Us trusting men that nothing is promised.

One word, one look, is all it takes

To pitch us into dark chasms of pain…


Pencil pontifications

The speaker scares me.  I pictured him as in his late teens, quiet, intense; with a very large possessive streak.  I don’t think he is going to let the girl ‘get away’ from him easily.  He feels wronged, and more than a little vengeful!

The language he uses, as well as tipping towards the grandiose, is all about laying blame on the girl he was dating.  What ‘lies’ was she telling him?  That he scared her?  That he had hurt her?  That she didn’t want to date him?  That he was smothering her?

It is clear that he is very focused on his own pain, and with him talking about trust, I feel he is suspicious there is someone else in the girl’s affections.  Is that why he was expecting the conversation?

What do you think?

Hubby read the generator’s pick of words, and said he’d have written about a fight to land a decent-sized Skate fish!  The other thought I had briefly entertained was writing about our old, listing buggy that has done us a great deal of mileage over the last almost-seven years.  It is called a Skate, too!

What would you have written about with these words?


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