Simultuous (#NaPoWriMo Day 10)

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Hey 😉

‘A poem of simultaneity’ was my optional task for this tenth day of National Poetry Month.  This is what I came up with:



SIMULTUOUS [simʌltjʊəs]


My son’s clock ticked

And, further off, the road was whispering

Tales of a thousand wheels.

The boys' art on a window from last year


Down in the playroom:

Chirps of tablet games,

The occasional whoop of kids.


My husband typed:

Re-enacting the opening

Of Murder She Wrote in his mind

(Or so it seemed

As pounded plastic pummelled

Through the thin thoughts in my head)


Tree branches waved

The intermittent bird

Past the chalk-pen wiggles

Emblazoned on the glass.


At Eldest’s window

I sighed deeply;

Poetry seeping slowly

From a pen I didn’t touch.



Yes, I made the title word up.


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