She’s A Bulldozer

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Again, from textfixer


I looked up the definition of ‘subsonic’ for this one, and quickly ascertained that it could relate to silencing bullets. This seemed to work well with ‘guilty’, ‘beaten’, ‘fiendish’ and ‘fatal’.  So I started to formulate a little story in my head…

It is not a strict part of the rules I devised when setting myself this random-poem-a-day challenge, nevertheless I like to adhere to the order that the generator presents the words. So ‘bulldozer’ was definitely tricky to fit in, but I put the first two generated words in my opening line, and it seemed to flow ok from there:

My scribbly workings!


Bulldozer   Guilty   Subsonic   Balcony   Beaten   Diametric   Chieftain   Fiendish   Fatal


Like a bulldozer of the guilty,

She stalked in, accusations flying;

Sneaky subsonic bullets

Taking us out en mass.


Like an anguished soul

Teetering on a balcony,

I confessed my sins

And bowed to being beaten.


The others took a diametric tack:

Our chieftain leading in protesting his innocence

And saying how fiendish our captor was

For thinking ill of us…


That way proved fatal.

                                                                                                                                                      I noticed, (after I had written it,  checked I’d used all my allotted words, the 15 mins were up, I’d wandered off, done some housework things and been distracted a billion times, etc etc) that when one reads it back there are a lot of ‘s/sh’ sounds in there.  This seemed funny to me, as I really was not aiming for that in my writing of it; the nugget around the muted bullets must have been working on my subconscious!  I also like ‘bowed to being beaten’ as it kind of sounds as though the blows are in the process of being doled out…

I really do think that there is a lot to be said for ‘forcing’ myself to write every day.  It’s obviously sinking in that this is my job now!

What story would you have told with those generated words? Please let me know in the comments? See you tomorrow 🙂



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