Shallow Graves – Part 5

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Hi 🙂

I’m just going to leave this here quickly as it is so late, and plan to tussle with the rest of the story tomorrow afternoon after the boys have had their haircuts (or in the early hours when a great idea grips me, whichever comes first!!)

Hope you enjoy it!


Dad was waiting for me at the back of the bus stop on Monday morning.  I nearly jumped out of my skin.

“Psssst!” he said, like we were in a novel or something.  I almost didn’t recognise him, on account of the beard.

“Whoa!  Why are you skulking about like some tramp?  You nearly gave me a heart attack!!”

“Watch your mouth!”

“Sorry!” I grumbled “Just wasn’t expecting to see you!”bus stop

“Yeah, well…don’t tell your mother”

“Why not?!  She’s in a state.  Do you know Mona’s missing?”

“What do you mean ‘missing’?”

“You know.  Missing. Gone.  Up and left without saying goodbye…”

“Watch your mouth!”


“Why didn’t you tell me?” Dad asked, actually looking like it bothered him.

“Em…you’ve been ignoring your phone?”

“Oh.  Well.  I lost it” he said.

“Lost it?!”

“Yeah, lost it!  It happens…”

Why did I have to be so closely related to such a jerk…? 


Dad looked like he wanted to hit me, so I put some distance between us.  “You alright Dad?  You look awful” he gave me a look glare, and I resisted the urge to duck.  “Well you do.  Just sayin’”

“I’m fine”


“So where is Mona?  Did she say anything?  Is she with a friend?”

“No. Dad, we don’t know where she is.”

“Oh.  Well…”  he looked about, as if someone was about to jump out of the bushes or something.  “Well, let me know if she turns up”

“How?!  Wear a red rose and meet you in a bloody café?!  God, Dad.  Just come home and comfort mum a bit.  Whatever trouble you’re in she’ll help you sort it out…”

“I’ll…I’ll be in touch” he said, and looked around him in that shifty way again.  “Here’s your bus.  Look after your mum.  I love you, son.”

And he hurried away.

I almost fell under the bus wheels in shock.  Since when did Dad succumb to ‘Parental Feeling’?  He must be in the poop up to his eyeballs this time.


I didn’t mention Dad’s visit to mum, and apparently we’d gone a whole week now with no word from Mona.  What the hell was going on in our family?!


“Yes??”  she was savagely peeling potatoes and muttering to herself about the price of vegetables these days.

“Are you…ok?”

She just sighed and looked at the ceiling dramatically.  “Would you STOP asking me that?! What have I to be ‘ok’ about??”

“I’m still here…?”  I tried.

She just threw me a look.

(413 words)


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