Shallow Graves – Part 4

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Hey there 🙂

As I hinted (!) on my Facebook page, this story is growing away from me.  It is not being entirely faithful to the (secret) plan I set out for myself on Sunday, nor is it likely to stick to the letter of the rules from my new challenge post!

A character has wandered into the story that I didn’t know needed to be there, and I now have a few different ideas whirling around my head about how to end the piece!

This always happens, dammit!  Characters take over, storylines evolve, I get no sleep… The difference here is that I promised someone I would finish this, and people are watching.  I have no time to get scared and shelve the project!  What fun 😉


It is a lot harder than one would think to wrestle a book off a determined woman without hurting her.  They don’t teach you that sort of thing in an all boys’ school.  Fiona had relented eventually, however, and we’d moved on to something stronger than tea to settle our nerves a bit.  She was still glaring at me, though.

“So your name’s not Paul?  You’re sure?” she said

I took out my driving licence and tossed it at her.

“I’m sure”

At least she had the decency to go red, but no apology followed.woman looking over glasses

“So, this Paul,” I said, to try and stop her coming up with more suspicious outbursts; “he helped her move in, too?”


“You said…”

“Oh yeah… No, he met her shopping and then followed her home a few days later”


“Said he lived ‘round here”

“Oh.  So you thought…”

“Well, you identified her body!”

“It was me who reported her missing”

“Oh.”  She played with the tassel on my couch cushion.

“Yeah.”  I sighed.

“Isn’t it supposed to be family that does that?”

“They couldn’t find you, and they wanted to know who she was quickly, or something, and I volunteered… I’m sorry.”

“I move around a lot.  We weren’t close.  Do you mind if I smoke?”

“Yes.”  I frowned.


“I’d like to get on, actually.  I have papers to mark”

“You’re a teacher?”


“Oh.  Well.  I’m sorry I bothered you.”


Tries to knock me out with part of my own library and calls it ‘bothering’ me!  Maybe Hailey was the smarter one, after all…


(264 words)


Loose ends…so many loose ends…


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