Shallow Graves – Part 3

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And on to the third instalment…


Fiona wasn’t as good-looking as her sister, but she was definitely the clever one.  It wasn’t just the glasses and the less confident manner.  I just got the impression she was taking everything in.  Sizing my life up.  I tried not to act nervous.

“So…you’ve been in Hailey’s house, then?  Did they leave a mess in there?  Hailey always liked everything so clean.”

“Yes, she did.  Never understood why.  We weren’t brought up like that” Fiona tried for a smile, but she still couldn’t look at me for long.  “Did you know her well?”

“I met her when she moved in about 5 years ago.  Her removal men were being rough with her ‘sound system’.  I went over to see if I could help.”

“That’s not how she told it” Fiona suddenly looked at me, and I didn’t like what that look said…

“Pardon?!”books on a table

“You were harassing her, weren’t you?”


“Yes you were, she told me! Gifts and offers of nights out and…”

“Fiona! Calm down!”

“You killed her!”


“You KILLED her!  And I have proof, you bastard.  I found your tie in her room!”


“Yes, your tie.  You STRANGLED her, didn’t you?” She suddenly grabbed a coffee table book on art, and waved it above her head like a mad woman.

“No I did NOT!  Fiona, you need to sit down! Jesus woman!  You’re going to bloody…PUT THE BOOK DOWN!!!”

(234 words)


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