Shallow Graves – Part 2

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Hiya 🙂


I’ve written the next 20 minute bit of my rolling story!  (if you missed Part 1, you’ll find it here). 

Hope you enjoy it!


Fashion she calls it.  It’s just an excuse to be a real poser, get her cronies to take lots of shots of her with their posh camera – and for her to get out of eating mum’s crappy dinners.



“Come down here, I want to ask you something!”

“Okaaaay…!”  Mum has not got off my case since Mona went missing.  She’s doing my head in. “What?!”

“Are these yours…??” she’s holding up Mona’s cigarettes.

“No!  They’re Moaner’s!”closeup of a denim jacket

“Stop calling her that, Jack! And you know she doesn’t smoke.  Why are you being such a little shit about all of this?”

“She does! ‘Appetite suppressant’, she says.  C’mon, do I look like someone who’d smoke bloody menthols?!”

Mum sighed and sat down on the bottom step.  “What the hell would I know; I’m only your mother.”  To my surprise, she took out a fag and lit up.  Right there in the hall.  I’ve never seen her smoke before.  “I suppose you’d not use this poncy lighter, anyway…”

“Where’d you find them?”

“In your denim jacket!”

“She’s such a bitch! Why’d she do that?!  Dad would murder me if he’d seen them!”  Mum blew a smoke ring, like some bloody professional, followed by another sigh.  “You ok, Mum?”

She snorted. “Do I look it?”

I made her budge up a bit, and put my arm around her “Have you heard from Dad?”

“No,” a tear rolled down her cheek “the tosser.  When are you leaving?”


“Well…it’s a pact, isn’t it?  I’m just wondering, so I don’t get too many messages in tomorrow.  Wouldn’t want to waste money, or anything.”

“I’m staying put” I said “unless you keep nagging me so much: then I’ll move to Gran’s.  They’ll turn up, Mum.  They always do.”

She snorted again, “Yeah… Do you want that stew or will I just call the Chinese again?”


Guess which one I went for…?


(316 words)


I think I have a tense out of place, but I get to edit on Saturday…

Catch you tomorrow 😉


P.S. messages = groceries and errands 😉

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  1. Jennifer Patino Says:

    😃 I enjoyed both parts very much!

  2. Montaffera Says:

    Yaay 🤗

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