Shallow Graves – Part 1

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I posted up my new Facebook Fiction challenge at the weekend (here) and spent a bit of time last night planning where I would go with a title of “Shallow Graves” and a theme of ‘Revenge’ – both suggested by Jennifer (who is a writer herself, check out her blog here.  I love her work!)

Coincidentally, I was tapping around YouTube on Saturday morning, and found this channel while searching for documentaries about female authors I admire.  How did I miss that the BBC had made a series from Kate Atkinson’s Jackson Brodie novels?!  I have watched six episodes to date, so feel somewhat primed to tackle an extended story in this vein 😉

Below is my first 20 minute instalment:


She still looked beautiful, even on a cold slab.  I nodded to the guy and signed the form.  He looked almost disappointed that I hadn’t had to use the bucket he’d indicated.  I’ve always had a strong stomach, however.

Her house looked sad as I pulled into my driveway.  None of those naff tacky fairy lights on, the curtains uncharacteristically closed.  She’d liked living in a goldfish bowl.  Ironic, seeing the way she died.  I wondered what mess the police had made of her IKEA furniture with their fingerprint powder; whether those stupidly ludicrously pristine and springy carpets had boot marks on them now.  Had they all worn those blue protective plastic things?  I’m sure some of the big-wigs tramped in without them.  Well.  You get off with things when you’re battle scarred, I suppose.


I kind of miss her.  Yeah, she’s a pain in the arse and I don’t like being slagged off every day, but it’s too quiet without her.  I even miss that stupid perfume she wears.

I wish her bimbo friends would just tell mum where she’s gone!  She must have told one of them at least.  They were never off the bloody phone, and she never left it here, so she must have been in touch with them?

It’s probably all some stupid thing they thought of to get publicity for her blog, or something…

(226 words)


I’ll be back tomorrow with Part 2! 😛


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  1. PrettyKoolDame Says:

    Oooh, excellent! I can’t wait to read part 2!

  2. Montaffera Says:

    😉 thanks! X

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