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There was only one topic that popped into my mind when I read ‘oval’ and ‘press’ in the generated words tonight.  As I watch rolling news reports on the BBC News 24 channel, I come back to these ponderings quite a bit.  Who knew I’d be caring about politics so much in my late thirties?!  There does seem to be a lot of it about these days…



Heal  Public  Settle  Oval  Abrasive  Base  Chop  Talented  Press


It must be hard to heal

From such a public loss,

And settle back into life

As if nothing had happened.


Watch some crass buffoon

Squat in the Oval Office;

(Being deliberately abrasive,

But getting away with it)


Some days, you must get up

And wonder if it was all

Some figment.  If it mattered.

Whether being that base would have been easier!


Do you feel like a limb

Was left behind,

And that you know exactly

Who made the chop?


You were always so talented

At coming across as decent and measured.

You genuinely cared.

Never picked fights with the press.


Is God still blessing you guys?

Has your head been out of your hands, lately?


Notebook scribbles, in a fetching shade of blue.

Incredibly, I read this to hubby and typed it out, then hopped on to Google to see what Obama has been up to, and realised that today he has given his first public appearance since Trump took over!  How weird is that?! (I had not seen that on the news today)

Remember, the generators are random, I ask for nine words and alternate between four generators throughout the week…what are the odds that ‘oval’, ‘abrasive’ and ‘press’ would pop up on this generator today?  Are the algorithms rigged? Hmmmm…

The article suggests that Obama will not be answering my queries anytime soon, but it says a memoir has been started 😉 should be interesting…

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