Sequestered Silt – Day Twenty-Eight – #NaPoWriMo21

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Boo! 😊

How you diddling?

I couldn’t think what to write about today.  I went and sat at Eldest’s desk (like I used to do) to see if I could decide, but my mind just became agitated with the mess all around me.  There seems to be more detritus than ever in these days of restricted movement and intermittent homework, and even less motivation from our little darlings to help keep it at bay!

So I wrote from that agitation.  The prompt was to pose questions in a poem, so I threw a few about to see what stuck.




Underneath things lurk

microscopic others, and

usually Lego, too.


Why balk at mess when

order ain’t the overture

to life?  It’s pointless.


What intricacies

dust finds to explore! Our skin

shed in patterns here?


A vacuum sucks, but

surely it’s better all ‘round

to begin anew?


Not a form, or topic, I employ that often; but it’s ok 😊

Again I have left this late, again I am falling asleep at the keys, but I’ll be here again tomorrow.  Take care and I’ll catch up with you then ((hug)).    


Monty X


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  1. Jane Wright Says:

    Now, I really like that! For me, your best poems are the ones that reveal genuine emotions!

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