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Hiya! 😉

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I always think of Miss Piggy when I say that greeting!

The idea for the first line of today’s poetic offering came to me when I read ‘assembly’, but (as you will see from my almost illegible notebook page) I tweaked the order of the words I first came up with.  It wasn’t until I got to the second verse of my poem I realised that the rhythm wasn’t working for me, and also figured out what the little scene I was trying to create was all about.  So that’s when the major scribbles happened 😉

I think the person the speaker is describing may be channelling Miss Piggy a bit, too?!


Assembly  Compact   Axis   Tumble   Liability   Flash   Heroin   Attitude   Loyalty 

“Well, life’s instructions for assembly

Are not fixed” She twitters, with a smile;

As she turns and waves to friends, I just wonder

How someone ‘close’ to me could ever be so vile.


She takes that last little look in her compact,

Blows a kiss, sets her eyes straight ahead;

My whole world spinning off of its axis –

But she must focus on herself instead.


I wonder just how far I could tumble

Become a liability, too much;

Whether any flash of decency would seize her

Through my heroin-fuelled depressions (or such).


Her attitude, actually, makes me ponder,

And realise that I can do this ok;

Just because, as a mother, she’s no loyalty

Does not mean that I’ve got to be that way…


So the first verse used to read:


“Well, you know life doesn’t come

With assembly instructions.”

She smiled in that way

That makes my heart sink so far.


Notebook massacre!

But I like the replacement, and I’m glad I fitted it into my 15 minutes, as it better shows the character I was trying to build (and now rhymes, as the rest of the piece seemed to ask to). [What’s with this rhyming sneaking in? How much of my life is, in fact, not my own free will…?]

The last line of the second verse jars with me.  I think if it was ‘her precious self’ in place of ‘herself’ it would scan properly? 

When I stopped faffing with the first two verses, I glanced at the timer and realised that I had just over 5 minutes left in which to try and fit 6 words into the “story” I had begun; and that I wasn’t entirely sure what rhyming metre I was using…bit scary, no?  I wrote the next two verses in about 4 minutes because I had time to circle the six words and correct the last line before the beeper went off 😛

Reading this over, it is still a relationship, there are still lots of questions and there should be an interesting backstory to conjure up…but it doesn’t appear to involve a man (though I suppose you could read it as a male speaker, and take a different conclusion from the last line than I had in mind at the time of writing)

Which nuance of ‘assembly’ and ‘compact’ would you have written about?  What would your “scene” have involved?

I look forward to reading your comments…



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