Self Coloured

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I accept

I’m inept

(And a genius)


I accept

That I’ve kept

Too much back.


I accept

That you’ve wept

And I’ve rejoiced.


I accept

Things are swept

Out of reach.

 Acceptance vs self improvement

I’ll improve:

Get my groove,

Turn this corner.


I’ll improve –

This interfluve

Will soon flood.


I’ll improve,

Worn smooth

By the waters.


I’ll improve:

Every move

Well thought-out.


The above came up when my journal prompt probed how I juggle self-acceptance and improvement.  It’s a mind bending question, because it is so tempting to see our flaws instead of crediting how far down the road we have come already, and honouring the journey appropriately. 


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[I am currently journaling (and writing poems) around prompts from The Year Of You: 365 Journal Writing Prompts For Creative Self Discovery by Hannah Braime – Kindle ASIN: B076Z6Y5L9]


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  1. Jane Wright Says:

    I like this – the rhythm hooks one in nicely

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